Ashlee Davis


Digital Filmmaker


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Lory Dietzel has a secret she is ashamed of. She’s a Liberal Mennonite. When her “normal” boyfriend’s crazy best friend finds out and threatens to expose her, she must decide if keeping her secret safe is more important than the love of her life. WHAT MATTERS CAST
Nick Bylsma as Mark Mark is the boyfriend every girl wishes she could have! And Lory's got him! For now . . .
Kristin Rea as Lory Lory is a Liberal Mennonite who is afraid she won't be loved for who she is. What Matter's follows her story.
Rebecca Porter as Britt Britt is Mark's best friend and a mean girl. When she learns Lory's secret she's determined to expose her.
Jonathan Gavin as Devin Devin is Britt's boyfriend and is always pushed to the side.
Sara Hill as Mother Mother is only looking out for Lory. She doesn't want her daughter to get hurt.
Frances De Luney as Ester Ester is a young Mennonite who has a brush with Britt.
 Production Book
Unmarked and Abridged.

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