Ashlee Davis


Digital Filmmaker


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James, a blind man, has a negative view of the world gets hit by car and gains his sight back.
Cameron Mahner Cameron is the writer, director, editor, everything. This is his creation! In the Zombie Apocalypse Cam would coin himself Zombie King, take care of the things no one else noticed, and would be chill the entire time.
Ashlee Davis Ash is the assistant director and she's making everyone make lists with her. Her role would be to keep the group together, keep up with food and supplies, and looking for all solutions.
Kyle Esbenshade Kyle is the cinematographer for this short. He's the quiet type with a good eye and instinct to follow. So if there's a zombie apocalypse
be sure to follow his lead if you want to survive.
Jonathan Gavin On top of playing the lead role James Robert, Jon composed the entire score of the film! Jon's mission would be to find the cure for the zombies and save the world.

copyright 2015  Ashlee Davis